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Welcome to sipasan.com, this website is about games walk-through, tips, and guides. To get a better understanding of the games, before we write an article, we are actively playing the game and spend at least 14 hours a day every day for several weeks, months, and some of the games we’ve been playing them for years.

We are game enthusiasts, have played arcade game, Game Boy or Game & Watch, Console game, those were good times and now it’s time for mobile game.

We have several rules while we are playing mobile games.
1. We don’t use any cheat/hack code or tool.
2. We don’t buy in-app purchases.
3. We don’t use multiple accounts.

These things prevent us to really know the games better. But games users should make an exception on point number 2, you could buy in-app purchases or make a donation if you liked your games, and also it would help the developers to make more quality games.

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